Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The supreme authority of the union shall be vested in the Annual General Meeting, and subject to that authority, the Executive Committee shall govern the Union. In the periods between Annual General Meetings, the Executive Committee shall conduct its business with the support of the secretariat. 

Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)


A meeting other than the annual general meeting between a union ExCo and members. An EGM is usually called on short notice and deals with an urgent matter.


Executive Committee (ExCo)


The government of the union is the Executive Committee. It shall consist of seven to twelve members including one Chairman, one Vice-Chairman, one Honorary Secretary and one Honorary Treasurer. They shall be elected biennially from among voting members at Annual General Meeting. Currently the Executive Committee meets at every month to conduct the FAA businesses.

The current Executive Committee (2016-2018) consists of eight members who were elected in April 2016 that is represented as the Family Team.