FAA Finance

The annual Membership subscription fee is our main source of income.


The membership subscription fee is for the Union to provide financial support when dealing with legal issues, member's welfare, administration and subsidize the executive committee for attending meetings or ground duties.


The entrance fee to the Union for a general member shall be $100 per person. Starting from 1st January 2016, the annual subscription fee shall be $720 ($60/month x 12) per person, which shall be payable on a admission and thereafter due in the month of January every year, an "Early Bird" subscription fee of $660 will be offered to members who pay within 2 months before their membership is expired, i.e. between 1st November and 31st December of the previous year. The entrance fee shall be paid on a pro rata basis (monthly) for a general member who is on their first year of employment.


The year ended audited financial statement shall be tabled for members' inspection during the Annual General Meeting in Apr/May every year.