FAA Objectives


FAA aims to maintain and improve wages and working conditions, to promote safe working environments and defend employment security



As stated in section 2 of our Rule Book, the objects of the Union are:


  1. To obtain and maintain just and reasonable rates of wages, hours of work and other conditions of employment, and generally to protect the interests of members.


  3. To regulate relations and to settle disputes between members by amicable and conciliatory means.


  5. To promote a spirit of mutual respect and understanding between the Union and the employer and to secure the establishment of recognised and permanent machinery for negotiation with the employer.


  7. To provide for members and in certain circumstances their families any or all of the following benefits and such others as the General Meeting may decide:-

    1. monetary assistance for sickness, accident, disablement, distress, unemployment, maternity and retirement;
    2. death gratuities and funeral expenses;
    3. victimization and trade dispute benefits;
    4. legal advice and legal assistance in connection with the employment of members.


  8. To further the work or purpose of any lawful organisation whose objects are to promote the interests of labour, trade unionism or trade unionists.


  10. To establish, carry on or participate in the business of printing or publishing newspaper, journals, books, pamphlets or other publications which may be thought desirable for the promotion of the interests of the Union and its members.


  12. To organise educational activities and professional training concerning occupational safety, labour law, sense of trade unionism for the protection of the members.


  14. To promote legislation in the interests of the members and labour movement.


  16. To be concerned with and to participate in the community affairs affecting the interests of the members.


  18. To do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of any or all of the above objects.