History of FAA
In 2016
  • Retirement Age 5+5 contract put in COS
In 2015
  • Set up the Outport Base Policy, which the outport base crew not exceeding 10%(+3%)(the 3% is not for expansion in population) of total crew population by rank and by population; all overnights including overnight in HKG for outport base crews will be shared proportionally to the population between HKG & Outport base crews; same promotion criteria with HKG crew; management will notify FAA prior to the opening of new cabin crew base
  • Compassionate leave is extended from 2 days to 3 days, plus 2 additional days when travelling by air to attend funeral is needed
  • Maternity crew is granted up to 14 weeks of ULV
  • Management agreed to shorten the supporting period of AMS to a min of 6 months on a case by case basis
  • Management agreed to change the Performance Rating Record system with upward feedback system
In 2014

More than 400 members have joined the EGM in June to express their resentment towards the roster, lack of manpower, minimum rest; frequent duty changes/flight disruptions; the increasing of outport based crews which adversely affect the local crew’s job security in terms of low payment because less overnight pattern which means less allowance.
After many rounds of meetings with the management, 16 rostering agreements have been reached which includes:

  • Min 14 hours rest in HKG on roster stage
  • 2 short/med sectors with than 12 hours rest at outstations will be paired 1-2-1 only, 2 long sectors (more than 2:45 each) with less than 12 hours rest at outstations will terminate at HKG 1-1 or paired at the end of a 1-2-1 pattern with short sector in the front
  • 2 Gs must be followed by 5 Days duty block
  • No more 6 days duties on roster stage
  • 3 day standby block will only be placed at the end of a duty block on roster stage
  • Assign DPS on 1st day of duty block on roster stage
  • Assign KTM/BLR as the last duty of a block on roster stage
  • KA858/9, 908/9 will not be rostered in the same block of duty (on roster stage) except for CP rank due to the limitation of duty patterns in this rank
  • Triple G days will not be assigned if not requested
  • Early released duty request for crew to apply (Morning flight request means any duties start before 11am)
  • G or SB provision will be extended to standby callout for PUS/CCU/RGN/DAC/PEK (996/7) turnaround
  • Hard block seats for crew rest in all Red Eye Flights
  • Roster of cabin crew will be issued on 19th of every month
  • Crew Control will get crew's consent before duty starts when the duty will overlap his/her G day and Thank you card or Meal Vourcher may be offered
  • BD crew will be added to beverage flights with in-flight sales service
  • Full crew complement for 908/9, 858/9
  • 33R with configuration of 32/248, crew complement for the full load short sector flights that is serving hot meal must be increased from 10 to 11 crew
  • No more than 2 PEK/HKT turnaround within a 5 days duty block
  • High-flying hours roster request
  • Thank you card or Meal Voucher may be offered if crew control wants them 2nd time report duty on the same day and crew's consent is required
  • Direct taxi will be granted after 5Days duties followed by 1G, (the standby duty has to be called out if it is included in the 5Days duty block)
In 2011
  • NB (blank day) must be rostered for KA318/9 PUS turnaround
In 2010

Lots of cabin crews have participated in a rally in the HKIA to express their resentment towards messy operational issues such as the lack of manpower; duty changes (ad hoc carry on duties after arriving HKG), flight disruptions, minimum rest etc. After 14 hours negotiation meeting with the management, an agreement has been reached:

  • FDP x 5 & transportation reimbursement & 1 extra AGQ quota for carry on duties
  • Meal voucher (FDP x 9 x DUTY HOUR)/(CREW NO.) for crews on that flight with minus crew
  • Thank you card or HK$1000 is granted to crew who voluntarily work on G day
  • Full crew complement for all PVG flights
  • Revised guidelines for crews to handle passengers' baggage (Vol. 11.2.3 P.2)
  • FA1 no longer needs to mark in flight report if GO & SL MPO members is not being greeted due to time restriction
In 2007
FAA has successfully traced back the Holiday Pay Adjustment for cabin crews. According to the Employment Ordinance 57, an employee, irrespective of his length of service, is entitled to the statutory holidays. Also an employee having been employed under a continuous contract for not less than 3 months is entitled to the holiday pay which is equivalent to the daily average wages earned by the employee in the 12 month period preceding the holiday.  Thus, we finally get paid for the sick leave days, public holidays and the annual leave correspondingly to the years of service.
  • Annual salary increment
  • Increased the salary increment point 16th & 17th for CP & SP with Scale A salary
  • Increased Hotel allowance since 2011
  • Changed the housing allowance policy for HKG based outport crews from a fixed amount of $5630 per month to an amount which has to be adjusted annually according to the market price
  • Increased the meal voucher amount from HK$60 to HK$100
  • Extended the standby call out transportation entitlement from 90mins to 100mins for direct taxi, and from 100mins to 120mins for AEL + taxi
  • Attended the meeting with Equal Opportunities Commission for the passage of the Sex Discrimination (Amendment) Bill 2014 in the Legislative Council (3 December). With the passage of the Bill, sexual harassment by customers against providers or prospective providers of goods, facilities or services – even if the act occurs on local ships and aircraft outside Hong Kong – will become unlawful. The Amendment Bill is effective on the day of 12 December 2014.

About FAA


One of a union's main aims is to protect and advance the interests of its members in the workplace.

The FAA- we represent a united voice with fairness to all cabin crews when in discussion with management.

Through the years, we have developed an engaging relationship with our members, believing that having as many members as possible is crucial to fight for a better crew life more effectively, efficiently and successfully.  With the support from you, it will lead to more fruitful and productive discussions with management in the future.


Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Flight Attendants Association (FAA) is officially set up in 1989.


FAA is formed by 7 to 11 executive committee members. We work closely together with our sister airline Cathay Pacific Airways Flight Attendants Union (CPAFAU); and we are together in alliance with the British Airways Hong Kong International Cabin Crew Association (BAHKICCA) to form the Hong Kong Cabin Crew Federation (HKCCF)(PC). WE strongly believe that "unity is strength” and we are dedicated to unite the members and to fight for their rights. FAA is one of the affiliate members of Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (CTU) as well.